Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Hitachi Data Systems makes the entire backup and recovery environment centralized, comprehensive and faster, as well as more verifiable, cost-effective and reliable. This facilitates administrators to strengthen data protection, update backup and recovery and meet a wide range of service levels, even for the largest data volumes, as well as satisfy progressively rigorous service levels and cut down overall costs.

Hitachi Data Systems offers solutions in several areas, including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure Simplification, as well as judgment services to serve organizations that justify, identify, track and implement a Services Oriented Storage Solutions investment. Each solution is variable and priced for endeavors of any size-meeting business application prerequisites with different tiers of storage using the same set of Hitachi products, services and software.

Hitachi Data Systems uses its unbeatable technical Excellency to Services Oriented Storage Solutions to handle Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for mainframe environments and open systems. Hitachi Data Systems disaster planning, prevention and recovery are the company’s most efficient and advanced solutions and will result in both soft and hard capital expenditure savings and soft and hard operational expenditure savings for the organization. It enables customers to find all the gains of backing up to disk without altering laid down backup policies or procedures. This incorporated suite of the software, server and disk makes a “virtual” tape library that seems as though several real tape libraries are the backup application. It helps organizations step up backup/recovery performance, support business objectives and optimize storage infrastructures. Hitachi Data Systems delivers sleek backup and recovery operations, extensively improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) and a drastically cut down total cost of ownership (TCO).

When it refers to business continuity, no exclusive answer can be deployed to every company. The scope of options can be overwhelming, meliorating operational procedures tape backup and local disk-to-disk, retro-flexing data out of region because of wide-area disasters and following with ever-constraining regulations. You have to make a decision based on business requirements and cost and consider such factors as regulatory compliance, risk exposure and best practices. Efficient business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are vital to enterprises operating in 24/7 altering environments. These organizations must fulfill a sort of requirement for business continuity testing and compliance and make effective functional use of heterogeneous IT infrastructures and multiple data centers.

One of the fundamental exercises to ensure business continuity success is the periodic testing of disaster recovery plans. Performing the test plan, which includes the execution of processes by prudent people and making certain one can really recover the data and launch the applications, is predominant to success. Business Continuity Manager Software helps administrators test and enforce nondisruptive disaster recovery testing with accurate and current data. And when a turbulent event occurs, it is beneficial to have already discovered and automated these processes. Business Continuity Manager Software facilitates in automating planned outage functions and complex disaster recovery, which results in dramatically reduced recovery time.